sábado, 20 de marzo de 2010

Wasting Time?

I'm wasting time thinking about a girl boy
And stealing her him away from her his world
She and I would run away
I think of all the things that I'd say

We'd talk about important things
And I picture it in my dreams
She I'd teach me him about modern art
And I'd show her him it's okay to fart and

Maybe I'd impress her him
By being in a band playing the guitar (?) and
Maybe if I act real tough
She'd let me hold her his hand and
Maybe I'll win her his heart
By writing this a song about her him

Sometimes I sit at home and
Wonder if she's sitting at home
Thinking of me and wondering if I'm
Sitting at home, thinking about her him
Or am I just wasting my time...

I really want to ask her him out
But my ego could never take it

And even if I got the balls
You know that the Cougar would never make it...

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